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Rowan Men’s Basketball team has gotten started off to a great start. As of tonight they are 6-0.

They have had some pretty close games but every time they have pulled out the win. Something that has helped them a lot as a team is hat they know how to play hard until the end. The team as a whole does not let up until the clock buzzes.

But these wins have not come without hard work.

After the past few games I have talked to a few of the key players on the team and i asked them what has helped them stay focused as a team during the games.

Kendall White a senior and captain of the team said “We have to come to practice ready to practice. If I have a huge paper due the next morning that I haven’t started yet then I know I won’t be able to give my 110% in practice because I’ll be distracted.”

White went on to talk about how being organized really helps. “I know that for me personally, I always pack my bag the night before a game. It helps me to prepare myself mentally and physically. Its the same thing you would do for a test, you study ahead of time so when it comes time I’m not freaking out trying to get ready.”

White is right.

Time management is not only about a schedule but being prepared ahead of time. Being prepared ahead of time makes it much easier to not stress out over your assignment. It will leave you more time to get yourself and your assignments together.

Having things done when they need to be done helps to avoid rushing things to get them in. also allowing yourself  enough time to do your work assures you that you will do your work to the best of the ability.

Also if you want to give your team the effort they deserve from you then its best to go to practice ready to practice with a clear head.

Overall, you need to work hard for you and your team. You are in college to learn, get an education, and get a degree. But you have to work hard for your team too. They need you just as much as you need them. So work hard, manage your time and be prepared.


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It is hard to find th balance in your life especially for student athletes. Not only do collegiate athlete struggle with finding balance with school and friends but they also have to factor in practice, team meetings, and games. It can be hard for student athletes to find the perfect balance. As in my last post I talked about how time management is a problem but the other problem is the effort.

Time management is a hard thing to cope with in college. You have classes, friends, and school work to juggle. When you throw in a sport it can get even tougher.

Being on a collegiate sports team is kind of like having a full-time job. When you have practice  everyday and workouts with the team every morning its hard to find time for everything else. Sometimes you have to say no to going out and make sure that all your school work gets done. But last week when I interviewed Grace Kaler, she brought to my attention that it is not always so much of a balancing problem but more of an effort problem.

Grace talked to me about how when it comes to running she gives it her all, 110 % percent, no matter what. But when it comes time for to classes and school work she usually only gives about 70% percent. She said it is hard when it comes time to do school work to giver it her all. She said because she it so exhausted from practice or a meet that it is a struggle to sit down and due three hours of homework afterwards. She said she struggles with this a lot and if she could just put a little more effort in to her school work she would probably be a straight A student.

Here a few things to take away from this…

  • Make sure to always get enough sleep
  • Try to do work ahead of time so you are not pressed for time
  • Make sure to always eat well because it’s a good healthy energy boost

Until next time, I’m Anne Palmer.

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With Tryouts for Rowan’s Basketball teams on Monday night and midterms approaching these next two weeks, it can be a lot for a student athlete to handle. Just thinking about midterms is enough to make a college student stress out but add a tryout for a collegiate team on top of that and you will find out what stress truly is.

“It can get stressful fast if you don’t stay on top of your stuff” says Jason Sofman, junior. Jason plays on the Men’s basketball team here at Rowan University. “Rowan is my third school but being a student athlete was the same at the other colleges I went to. It can be tough but if you really want to do it all, school and sports, you have to work hard for it” says Sofman.

But in a way midterms and tryouts are a lot alike when you take a second to think about it.

You stress over them. There is a lot riding on them, with midterms its your grade and with tryouts its about making the team. You have to prepare before hand, with midterms you have to study and with with tryouts you have to practice. When preparing for both of these things you should always give yourself enough time to get everything done.


“If it were up to me I would have either tryouts or midterms later. Its a lot for the kids who have to due both.” says Kendall White, senior. Kendall is one of the captains of the Rowan’s Men’s basketball team.

As I have said in my earlier posts, it all comes down to time management. You have to learn to balance your time when you are a student athlete. You have to establish what is a priority and what is not. The most important thing to remember is that you are in school to receive an education so school work should always be your number one priority. Just remember, YOU CAN DO IT ALL IF YOU BALANCE YOUR TIME! Until next time, I’m Anne Palmer.

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