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Hopefully so far this blog has been helpful along the way to those out there struggling with time management. This blog was started for my online journalism class but I picked this topic because I felt like it was something a lot of people could relate to. Almost everyone struggles with time management, even if your not balancing a sports team on the side. I hope some of my tips were helpful. But as I said I started this blog for my class and this is my “farewell” post to you and all my readers.

So for this post I want to link back to what I think was my 5 best and most  helpful posts. The first one I would like to reference is Been There Done That. This post was one of the early ones and it was mainly explaining my background and how I speak from exprience.

The 2nd post I would like to reference is Getting To Know A Student-Athlete.  This was a Q&A with Grace Kaler who runs track for Rowan University. She brought a lot of things to light that I hadn’t even though about.

The 3rd one is Effort Is All It Takes. This was a more indepth look of Grace Kaler’s interview. Her helpful tips were explained more in depth.

The 4th post that I thought came out really well was a multimedia post about the Outlook on the Upcoming Rowan Men’s Basketball season .

The 5th and last post was an Extra Credit assignment but I think it had alot of helpful tips in it.

Overall I hope this blog was helpful and I hope you can take away something from it. Goodluck with everything you do and always remember that everything is possible if you manage your time!


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