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Kate Palmer (Photo Credit: Kate Palmer's Facebook Page_

Kate Palmer
(Photo Credit: Kate Palmer’s Facebook Page)

Kate Palmer is 27 years old, has cheered for 19 years and has coached for 9 years. Kate attended Holy Cross College in Indiana for 4 years and during her time there she started a cheerleading team. She started the team at the beginning of her junior year and coached and participated on the team for her last 2 years of college. After graduation, she continued to coach the team for 2 additional years. This is where Kate’s expertise will come into play.

During those 4 years Kate learned a lot about time management. She was going to college full-time, coaching a team and was simultaneously participating on the team.

Kate is my older sister and she has always taught me to put my best effort in to all that I do. She always taught me that punctuality is key, but more importantly, she always said “stress will always get the best of you so don’t let things pile up. If you take care of them when you get them you won’t ever have to worry about doing a million things at once”.

When I called her about this assignment she had a lot of good things to say about the struggles of time management and the stress it can cause you.

She said “obviously I wasn’t planning on starting a collegiate sports team when I went off to college but I couldn’t stay away from cheering. I had cheered my whole life and my college did not have a cheer team. So I started by asking around the campus and found out what I had to do to get a team started”.

She went on to explain how it was really stressful and time-consuming in the beginning because she had to recruit people who wanted to cheer for the school, set up informational meetings, hold tryouts and organize and run practices all while being a full-time student.

She has told me time and time again how wonderful this experience was for and how the only thing she would do differently would be that she would have started the team sooner.

When I asked her what this taught her this is what she told me “I learned a lot of valuable skills through this experience. I learned that procrastination will be your worst enemy. I struggled with that when the team was starting out but I came to the realization pretty fast that other people were relying on me as their coach now so I had to have things done on time.”

This just goes to show you that you truly can do it all if you balance your time!

Below this is video is an audio slide interview with Grace Kaler. She is a junior at Rowan University. Grace is a student athlete and runs both track and cross-country. In the interview she talks about what she has learned over the years as a collegiate athlete and what tips she has taken away from this time management blog. Enjoy!!


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