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Kate Palmer (Photo Credit: Kate Palmer's Facebook Page_

Kate Palmer
(Photo Credit: Kate Palmer’s Facebook Page)

Kate Palmer is 27 years old, has cheered for 19 years and has coached for 9 years. Kate attended Holy Cross College in Indiana for 4 years and during her time there she started a cheerleading team. She started the team at the beginning of her junior year and coached and participated on the team for her last 2 years of college. After graduation, she continued to coach the team for 2 additional years. This is where Kate’s expertise will come into play.

During those 4 years Kate learned a lot about time management. She was going to college full-time, coaching a team and was simultaneously participating on the team.

Kate is my older sister and she has always taught me to put my best effort in to all that I do. She always taught me that punctuality is key, but more importantly, she always said “stress will always get the best of you so don’t let things pile up. If you take care of them when you get them you won’t ever have to worry about doing a million things at once”.

When I called her about this assignment she had a lot of good things to say about the struggles of time management and the stress it can cause you.

She said “obviously I wasn’t planning on starting a collegiate sports team when I went off to college but I couldn’t stay away from cheering. I had cheered my whole life and my college did not have a cheer team. So I started by asking around the campus and found out what I had to do to get a team started”.

She went on to explain how it was really stressful and time-consuming in the beginning because she had to recruit people who wanted to cheer for the school, set up informational meetings, hold tryouts and organize and run practices all while being a full-time student.

She has told me time and time again how wonderful this experience was for and how the only thing she would do differently would be that she would have started the team sooner.

When I asked her what this taught her this is what she told me “I learned a lot of valuable skills through this experience. I learned that procrastination will be your worst enemy. I struggled with that when the team was starting out but I came to the realization pretty fast that other people were relying on me as their coach now so I had to have things done on time.”

This just goes to show you that you truly can do it all if you balance your time!

Below this is video is an audio slide interview with Grace Kaler. She is a junior at Rowan University. Grace is a student athlete and runs both track and cross-country. In the interview she talks about what she has learned over the years as a collegiate athlete and what tips she has taken away from this time management blog. Enjoy!!


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Hopefully so far this blog has been helpful along the way to those out there struggling with time management. This blog was started for my online journalism class but I picked this topic because I felt like it was something a lot of people could relate to. Almost everyone struggles with time management, even if your not balancing a sports team on the side. I hope some of my tips were helpful. But as I said I started this blog for my class and this is my “farewell” post to you and all my readers.

So for this post I want to link back to what I think was my 5 best and most  helpful posts. The first one I would like to reference is Been There Done That. This post was one of the early ones and it was mainly explaining my background and how I speak from exprience.

The 2nd post I would like to reference is Getting To Know A Student-Athlete.  This was a Q&A with Grace Kaler who runs track for Rowan University. She brought a lot of things to light that I hadn’t even though about.

The 3rd one is Effort Is All It Takes. This was a more indepth look of Grace Kaler’s interview. Her helpful tips were explained more in depth.

The 4th post that I thought came out really well was a multimedia post about the Outlook on the Upcoming Rowan Men’s Basketball season .

The 5th and last post was an Extra Credit assignment but I think it had alot of helpful tips in it.

Overall I hope this blog was helpful and I hope you can take away something from it. Goodluck with everything you do and always remember that everything is possible if you manage your time!

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Time Management is something that can be hard to get the hang of. But that’s why I’m dedicating this post to an article that offers some helpful and easy tips to learn how to best mange your time.

According to Study Guides and Strategies there a lot of key components that go into managing your time. This website is all about small but important things that help you out in the long run. It goes through the process of breaking down where to start.

The article starts off by saying “One goal is to help yourself become aware of how you use your time as one resource in organizing, prioritizing, and succeeding in your studies in the context of competing activities of friends, work, family, etc”.

It goes on to talk about how the first thing you have to do is once you get your schedule for the semester is sit down and plan out when you are going to do your homework and study. You must make a place that is completely free from distractions.

“No cell phone or text messaging!  where you can maximize your concentration and be free of the distractions that   friends or hobbies can bring! You should also have a back-up space that you   can escape to, like the library, departmental study center, even a coffee shop   where you can be anonymous. A change of venue may also bring extra resources.”

The article goes on to explain that it is important to have “weekly reviews” even when you don’t have tests. Keeping up on all of the assignments and notes you have for class helps you stay on top of your deadlines for your classes.

It is always important to prioritize your assignments. Make sure you always do your hardest assignment first. “You’ll be fresh, and have more energy to take them on when you are at your best.”

Prioritizing your assignments also means that you need to wait to do things that are not crucial for the time being.

“This can be the most difficult challenge of time management. As learners we  always meet unexpected opportunities that look appealing, then result in poor  performance on a test, on a paper, or in preparation for a task. Distracting  activities will be more enjoyable later without the pressure of the test,  assignment, etc. hanging over your head. Think in terms of pride of  accomplishment. Instead of saying “no” learn to say “later”.

Even though it might sound like a great idea to to go out with your friends you need to get your work done first becasuse you are in college to get an education.

So in the end the most important thing is to plan ahead, prioritize, and postpone unnecessary acivities. These things will all contribute to a well balanced schedule and a healthy lifestyle with less stress. YOU CAN DO IT ALL, IF YOU MANAGE YOUR TIME.

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Rowan Men’s Basketball team has gotten started off to a great start. As of tonight they are 6-0.

They have had some pretty close games but every time they have pulled out the win. Something that has helped them a lot as a team is hat they know how to play hard until the end. The team as a whole does not let up until the clock buzzes.

But these wins have not come without hard work.

After the past few games I have talked to a few of the key players on the team and i asked them what has helped them stay focused as a team during the games.

Kendall White a senior and captain of the team said “We have to come to practice ready to practice. If I have a huge paper due the next morning that I haven’t started yet then I know I won’t be able to give my 110% in practice because I’ll be distracted.”

White went on to talk about how being organized really helps. “I know that for me personally, I always pack my bag the night before a game. It helps me to prepare myself mentally and physically. Its the same thing you would do for a test, you study ahead of time so when it comes time I’m not freaking out trying to get ready.”

White is right.

Time management is not only about a schedule but being prepared ahead of time. Being prepared ahead of time makes it much easier to not stress out over your assignment. It will leave you more time to get yourself and your assignments together.

Having things done when they need to be done helps to avoid rushing things to get them in. also allowing yourself  enough time to do your work assures you that you will do your work to the best of the ability.

Also if you want to give your team the effort they deserve from you then its best to go to practice ready to practice with a clear head.

Overall, you need to work hard for you and your team. You are in college to learn, get an education, and get a degree. But you have to work hard for your team too. They need you just as much as you need them. So work hard, manage your time and be prepared.

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College is a time to meet new people, have fun, and learn new things. Sometimes all those things can be a lot to take in. When you are starting off in a new place it can be hard to learn how and when to make time for certain things, especially when you are an athlete. College athletes struggle with all the same things as every other college student but they have a little more on their plates. With practices and classes it can be hard to find time for anything else. Just because their athletes does not mean they do not want to go out and have fun with their friends. It just means they have to work twice as hard to make sure they have free time to go out with their friends.


In Arthur Luebber’s article, he gives helpful tips on how to best manage your time as a college athlete. He says that a sports team can be compared to a full time job, I agree with this statement 100%. With team meetings, practices, and games, it can be hard to find time for anything else. When you leave practice, or come home from a game you are physically and emotionally drained. Its tough to sit down and do hours of homework after all of that. Luebber says that you should try to keep your schedule as simple as possible. Try and cut out unnecessary time wasting things, like taking a long time to get ready in the morning because little things like that can free up a lot of time for whether it be studying or just some free time to spending hanging out with friends


In another helpful article, written by Xenia Stewart, she explains that a establishing a schedule is crucial. You will have to base it around your practice and class schedule. Stewart also happens to be a senior guard for the Pittsburgh University women’s basketball team, so she speaks from experience. She goes on to tell the readers, “Keep in mind, though, there will likely be team rules about missing classes, being late for practice and workouts, etc. It would be wise not to try to squeeze things in at the last minute.” So you really do have to stay ahead of the game (literally and figuratively).


Overall, the most important thing for a college athlete to stay on top of their game is to have a strict schedule, and STICK TO IT. If you set your schedule and always make sure you have time to study and do homework you will always be able to do what you want in your free time and won’t be stressing over what assignments are due. YOU CAN DO IT ALL, IF YOU BALANCE YOUR TIME!




http://www.helium.com/items/659496-time-management-tips-for-college-athletes k

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Jason Sofman is a junior at Rowan University and plays forward for Rowan Men’s Basketball team. The team is already 3-0 with their win against Montclair State in their home opener last night. They won 73-71 in the last 8 seconds of the game. The team hopes to beat Ramapo who eliminated them last year. This video gives a quick outlook on the upcoming season, what their strengths are this year as opposed to last year, and what goals the team hopes to accomplish throughout the season.

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Kirsten Mollinelli smiles becuase she is stress free!
photo taken By: Anne Palmer

Kristen Molinelli is a junior at Rowan University. She has sturggled with time management and along the way has learned a few tricks and helpful pointers that she wishes to share. Kristen was a three sport varsity athlete in high school and beacuse of it she has learned a lot and now can better manage her time. Below is the link to hear her story.


Until next time, I’m Anne Palmer.

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